What are your rights???

This blog is a bit unusal for me but it is some really great information i have recently discovered. Im sure there are people out their who have delt with this issue at one point in time in your life. You DO NOT have to be a victim when it comes to unstable people who try and bring chaos to you and your family. You have legal rights! Take a stand against bullies!!!!

Text messaging on cell phones is one of the biggest ways in which people communicate with each other today. It is sometimes easier to text than it is to make the phone call. Just like any other form of communication, harassment can occur and it happens to people everyday. The problem with text message harassment is that people have learned how to get around being charged with anything because they use other peoples phones to do it. There is no need to worry though. Although there are ways around the law, the law enforcement officers know all the tricks and so do the courts and there is something that can be done about it.
Text messaging harassment is when someone continuously sends text messages to a person when they either aren’t supposed to be, have been asked to stop doing it or have gotten to be annoying with the text messaging. Text messaging abuse has gotten out of hand in some circumstances and truth be known, it’s a little bit crazy. Consider the fact that when you send a text message, you are sending proof that you said it along with it. Every time you hit the send button, it is one more time that someone is going to have proof against you if it has to go to court. Once you hit send, there is no taking it back.

If you are being harassed through text messaging, it is best to let the police handle it if you haven’t had any luck in telling the person that you want them to leave you alone. It is important that you text them and tell them in the text not to send you any more texts because they are harassing you. If they continue to send the text messages, call the police and have them do a report on it. They can then contact the person who is harassing you and tell them to stop sending the text messages. If it still continues, you will be advised on the steps that you can take next if the police haven’t already told you.

You may be advised to go to the court and file charges against the harasser. Many courts don’t allow cell phones into the courthouse. You will be able to take the phone into the courthouse as evidence though. You should discuss that possibility with your lawyer. The proof will be right there. Even when the person that has been sending the texts tries to find a way around getting in trouble for harassing you, they will find that the judge will be able to see for a fact that there is harassment going on and he will rule accordingly.

Text message harassment is just as bad as any other type of harassment. The difference is that you can more easily prove this type of harassment when you want to prove your case in court. Anyone who uses this method of trying to harass someone is in for a rude awakening when it comes to the court system. You could even end up doing jail time if you have harassed to such a point as to make someone fear for their safety. If you plan to harass someone via text messaging, think again. It could save you a lot of heartache.

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