Facing reality!

Have you ever had certain realities in life you knew you must face but kept choosing not too face them. It’s amazing, the stories we tell to avoid facing the realities in which we live. People drink, they say, for medical reasons. Abused women say they fell down the stairs. Abused and battered children needed the discipline. Rather than face what is really going on, we will sit in the middle of a mess and call it a garden. We ride our boats down the river of denial and refuse to acknowledge the stench in the river. Even when the stench becomes unbearable, we say it’s a good place to fish!  We seem to have a really hard time calling things what they are, which is probably why we spend so much time in bad situations. The longer we resist facing whatever it is, the easier it is to forget that we are equipped to change it.

The bible offers us the story about a man who sat at the gate of the city begging for coins. When two of Jesus’ disciples passed him without dropping anything in the cup, he asked, “Why?” The beggar explained his situation. He pleaded with the disciples for help. They refused! The disciples refused to believe his story because they knew the truth.
Instead of seeing the man as a beggar, they saw his power, his strength, his inherent right to stop begging and claim his divine inheritance. They knew he was in denial. The disciples knew the man had called himself a beggar for so long he now believed it. The disciples refused to help their brother hold on to his limited ideas and beliefs about himself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could stop buying into your stories and face the truth?

In the past; you may have been avoiding, denying, resisting the truth. You may have forgotten you can do anything you choose to! You can have the kind of life you desire. Stop telling stories. Put the begging cup away. Look at yourself. Look at your life. Tell the truth about what you see. What is your reality?

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Love NEVER fails ♥
– 1 Corinthians 13:8

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