Who am I?

What do you think about when you see yourself? In the mirror, in a photograph, wherever. What goes through your mind?

This question popped into my head just the other day. I started this exercise where I practice being truly present with my thoughts/feelings with something in particular. And I said “Be truly honest. Stop the mental chatter and just look at yourself. What do you feel?”

This helped me to see where I limit myself. It helped me to see where I’m strong. It helped me to see where I’m vain. It helped me to see where I’m insecure. And it is good to self reflect so that you can better and more confidently walk about through life with a greater assuredness of who you are and how you impact others, even on a subconscious level.

I choose to see myself as clearly as I am able so that I can be a Light to others. I want to have an open heart to those around me. I want the light of God’s love to shine through me. True beauty is his presence permeating within me. The fragrance of him drawing people to his light. True beauty shines from with your heart and soul.



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Love NEVER fails ♥
– 1 Corinthians 13:8

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