Let it out~

Do you ever have so much on your mind that if you don’t talk about it you feel like you will explode. Can you find someone to talk to, someone you trust to open up to? Women more than men, i think are very emotional creatures. Keeping things inside does not make them any better. In fact, holding on to secret fears, secret feelings and disappointments make them seem a lot worse than they really are. When you keep things on the inside, the weight of it all can tear you up, hold you down, push you into situations that do not serve your best interest. Holding onto things can cause all sorts of sickness and disease in our bodies, emotional imbalance, complete confusion, and just plain old despair.

When you have a lot going on inside, you must find some way to let it out. You can talk about it, you can cry about it, you must find ways to let it out. If your alone, you can shout about it. You can run it out, walk it off, or go to the gym and work it out. You can call a help line, a hotline a prayer line, but you must let someone know what is going on inside of you. It is tempting to eat about it, or like i do, starve about it, drink about it, blow it up in smoke. A better strategy i found is to write about it. It helps me sort out my feelings and emotions so well.

Each of us comes to the point when we must trust someone enough to open ourselves up for review and examination. It’s not always easy! It is a challenge to admit and acknowledge your own faults. It is even more difficult to accept that we have made some costly mistakes, poor decisions and bad choices. For some reason we don’t want people to know we are human. But we are. We cannot hide what we feel forever. For our well being we have to find ways to open up and let someone know what is going on inside.

In the past, you may have held onto thoughts and feelings you haven’t been able to share. You may be scared to open yourself up to self examination or to outside scrutiny. Be willing to release those things stored in your heart and mind that are causing you discomfort. You will find a weight has been lifted and relief will be your new friend!

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Love NEVER fails ♥
– 1 Corinthians 13:8

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  1. I affirm what you say at three levels, the psychological (not a bad word since God created our brains) which you have here, spiritually because when we hold on to things when God is trying to forgive them away we end up fighting God to stay sick instead of healed, and Biblically because we are called to live in community with other believers (Hebrews 10:25). Be blessed with lots of relief.

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