Is the story you tell the story you live?

Have you ever been around someone and you hear the same ole story about how life has been so unfair to them. How people have treated them so wrong. They seem to be the victim in every circumstance. “Woes me”, is all you hear dripping from their lips. I have! And you just wanna smack them and say excuse me but nobody wants to hear your story, AGAIN! No one wants to be rude, but you have been telling everyone and anyone who would listen why you did not, could not, have not, moved beyond your situation you are in and say you no longer want to be in. Quite frankly, no one wants to hear about it anymore.
It seems you have been trying to convince others and yourself that something or someone other than you is responsible for all that you have or have not done to move yourself beyond your predicament. No one is convinced by what you are saying. Obviously, neither are you. Perhaps thats why you keep telling the sad story, the sob story, the ticky tacky dramatized version of your life! ENOUGH! Your villian is not bad enough to do all these things you say have been done to you. Your central theme is missing. Your plot and subplots are tangled! As a matter of fact, your story sounds like one big, excuse than a reasonible explanation! It sounds like you are telling the story that will excuse away your fear and your failure to take on responsibility for making your life what you want it to be!

Credit must be given where credit is due. You tell a good story! Action packed! Full of adventure! Plenty of victims needing to be rescued! However, since only you can determine your own sense of worth, here is a suggestion for you; REWRITE YOUR STORY! Please; this time don’t start with once upon a time! In the future; instead of telling the same old story about yourself and your life. Instead of making excuses, trying to convince yourself that something or someone has been holding you back. Be committed to telling yourself a new story! You can begin by writing one that starts with the words TODAY I AM….be creative and continue from there.

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Love NEVER fails ♥
– 1 Corinthians 13:8

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