Who’s your daddy?

We just celebrated another Father’s Day holiday! A time to honor our Dads. The one who raised us up and shaped us into what we are today. But for alot it is quite common to hear; ” I never knew my father!” “He left when i was young!” “He died.” “He went to jail.” “My mother never told me who he was.” “He’s around but he has another life.” Yes, we all have a human father whose seed contributed to our being, but we also have a divine Father whose life gives us life!!

Then there are those of us who knew our fathers but did not like them. We didnt feel loved, accepted or respected by the fathers we knew. Perhaps he drank too much, spoke too little, rarely if he ever came home. Maybe he criticized or ridiculed us in ways that wounded us. Perhaps there was physical or verbal abuse that damged us in some way. Many of us believe our relationship with our father was challenged, and of course it was all his fault.
The truth is your father has never mistreated you, abondoned you, harmed you, or denied you. He knows exactly what you need and he provides it the only way he can…..in LOVE, because of his unyeilding love for you. Your father has always been there, guiding you, protecting you, providing for you. Your father is as alive and well today as the day you were born. It may be that your father was not around, or that he was difficult to deal with. It is also true, however, that you could be confused about who your father is!
In the past; you may have held the man who contributed to you life responsible for your life. Starting today, be devoted to knowing who your real daddy is. Ask Jesus to help you understand yourself, your life and the role he plays in both. Ask him what he knows about you and what he sees for you and your life. Then ask daddy jesus to teach you how to forgive the man he used to bring you into this life.

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Love NEVER fails ♥
– 1 Corinthians 13:8

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