It’s not too late!!

Are you angry with someone you love at this moment? Do you feel like to much has been done and said that there is no fixing it?
Are you asking yourself, “How did we get into this mess?” and “How can we just make it all better”?
You arent alone!! Many people have been in the same lonely place asking the same questions. I have found myself there as well.
I have allowed fear and anger to stand inbetween me and those i Love on many occassions. Why do we withhold our love? We all do it at one time or another. We shut down, shut people out, refuse to budge from our opinions or demands. We hold people hostage, knowing that they care about us, because we are angry or upset with them. Sometimes we make ourselves busy. So busy in fact that we don’t have time to address the issues, the feelings or the incidents that first led us to withhold our love.
When you refuse to share what you are feeling and how the other person has contributed to those feelings, you are withholding your love. When i am angry, i become an expert at becoming very busy. The house becomes spotless. I do need some time to gather my thoughts. I sometimes allow fear of being hurt, the fear of being rejected, or the fear of someone saying my thoughts or feelings are not right or are dumb; throw me into a big act like i just don’t care. This is how i handled myself in the past but im trying to break that cycle. Whenever we don’t offer the truth of our experience to those who share the experience, we withhold our love. Whatever is not an expression of love is an expression of fear! Withholding love for any reason is a sign that we are crying out in fear. Fear of being hurt. Fear that our love won’t be returned. When you find yourself backing up, pulling out, moving away, withdrawing from another person, ask yourself, “Why am i withholding my love”?
What you are likely to discover is that there is a hidden fear forcing you to do something you would not like to have done to you. Make a choice today. It could change the whole course of your life! Stand in truth! Do what is loving! When you feel afraid, just admit it!! Love yourself through it.
Also from today and moving forward; no matter what you are going through in life. You are now called BELOVED. You are God’s child. You are the heart of Gods heart! YOU are the ONE GOD is depending on to express goodness and GOD-NESS on the face of the earth. Moving forward from today on in every situation, relationship, be LOVE! Be love in everything you think, because your thoughts express the core of your identity. Be love each time you open your mouth, because you have naming power! Be love in everything you do, because that is your nature! Be love when you are tired and weary. BE LOVE to those who feel rejected and abandoned. BE LOVE in the midst of anger and hatred. Be love when everything else you have tried seems to have failed. Be love because no matter what is going on, love is one thing every soul needs. In other words, THEY NEED YOU!!! Be love when you think you made a mistake that cannot or will not be forgiven. Be love when you suffer material loss or experience material gain. Be love when you are afraid that who you are is not enough. Be love when those you have trusted seem to have abandoned you. Be love when you are falsely accused. Be love when the world does not give you the credit you think you deserve. Be love because when everything else fails, Love will lift you up!!!

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Love NEVER fails ♥
– 1 Corinthians 13:8

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