Pay attention to the details~


In the months that are cold and gloomy i get in a funk. I take an evaluation of my life to see where i am in life. I begin to ask myself a mound of questions. So many people i know breeze through life daily and i wonder if they realize what their words and their choices; what effect they have on those around them.

The questions i ask myself: Are you paying attention? Are you aware of what you do? Are you paying attention to what you get? Are you paying attention to what you feel? When was the last time you really took stock of what was going on around you? Are you paying attention to what you do, or does it just come naturally? Habitually?

Are you paying attention to what you say? What you mean? And to what you expect once you spoke your mind? Are you paying attention to how you feel when you wake up? What you expect to feel as you move through your day? Are you paying attention to what happens based on what you expect? Are you aware of how what you expect makes you feel? Or how it motivates what you do?

Are you paying attention to how much you smile in any given day? or to how long you have been holding back tears? Are you paying attention to whom or what you give your attention? What you expect to get? And what you actually do get in return for the attention you give? Are you paying attention to what life is saying to you? Are you paying attention to what your living feels like? Or are you living mindlessly, missing the details of who you are, what you do and how it all makes you feel?

Like me; you may not have been paying attention to the details in the moment to moment experiences of life. Just for today; pay very close attention to what you are doing and how you are feeling. Write down every little detail of what you discover. You will be amazed at what you learn about yourself and those around you.

I love the saying “You external world is an accurate reflection of your internal state of being.”
There is a life within you that requires tender loving care and attention. Your inner life must be cleansed, strengthened, and well ordered. We are responsible for taking the necessary steps to ensure that what is going on inside of us is in perfect harmony; because everything we desire will happen through us; not to us.
Be peace! Be joy! Be strength! Be wisdom! Be creative! Be inspiration! Be a delight! Be a helping hand! Be a smile! Be a hug! Be a success! Be gentle! Be kind! Be hope! Be faith! Be truth! Be trust! Be honor! Be forgiving! Be patient! Be calm! Be encouragement! Be discipline! Be obedience! Be fun! Be freedom! Be wealth! Be respect! Be fearless! Be a friend! Be prayer! Be love! Be the miracle! Be the possibility! Be the opportunity! Be the purpose! Be the mission! Be-gin within and allow all the things you know how to blossom into the truth of who you are.
Improve your attitude, do it in faith, knowing that like draws like.

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