To a nation of children who have no fathers. Grandmother’s are raising grandchildren. There are no leaders in the home. No discipline. Children are running the streets. No direction. Girls are searching for love in all the wrong places. Looking for love only a father can give. It’s time to step up. Grow up. Our children need us. A stable home. Stable parents. Direction. Communication. Godly examples. We need to lead our children to our creator. The hole in our soul will always be searching until we fill it with the one who put it there. Nothing will bring peace but Jesus. He is our heavenly father. Talk to him. You will search for happiness in people, in things, in alcohol, drugs, your job, sex, your friends. None of that will bring happiness and peace. Only our heavenly father can fill the hole! If you’re feeling lost or sad because you have no father this father’s day. Look up. Jesus wants to be with you. Feel the wind on your skin. Jesus is that close to you. Let him be your father. Training. God tells us to do this. The way a child should go…. Teach them truth. Love. Example. They are always watching and listening. What are we showing them? It’s never too late. Open your eyes and your arms to Papa God. He’s waiting. Allow him to love on you like no one can love you. His love his so sweet and amazing. Warm. Life changing. Mighty. Breathtaking. Life giving. Indescribable. When you experience his love you will understand. It really is undefinable. It’s that amazing. Let him love you today.❤️❤️ It’s that simple. Happy Father’s Day


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Love NEVER fails ♥
– 1 Corinthians 13:8

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