857490D2-97CD-4976-BB3B-6FE20A23200D.jpegGod is love. We are all Gods people. He wants us to show his love. He wants us to be love. His ever consuming love never stops loving. Never leaves us. Never abandons us. He’s patiently waiting. Always hoping. He never ever gives up on us. He’s always searching upon the earth looking for those who want him. He desperately wants to pour his love on us. He’s a gentleman. He never forces. He is holy. Mighty. Powerful. Strong. He knows the way. He knows all things. Yet he is gentle. He is our father. He wants to love us with a love we’ve never known. The way we love our kids doesn’t even compare to how he loves us. His heart breaks when we struggle. When we fall he wants to pick us up and hold us in his arms. He wants to give us comfort. Direction. Why do we fight him? Why do we rebel? Just like our own kids his heart breaks because he wants to protect. Bring peace. Bring life. He’s always whispering to us. “My child, I’m here! Call on me”. But we say “NO I’m not ready.” And we run. And he is patient. Always whispering. Ever present. Through our stubbornness. He is love. Then one day I surrender to his love. I see! I see! The blinders are gone! My sight is clear. Everything makes so much sense. Why did I wait so long? Why did I run so long? It was so exhausting! My heart is open! I surrender to your will. Oh, your peace is amazing. Your love is so powerful I can hardly breathe. I feel your glory. I finally see you God. Forgive me God for running. You’re forgiven. I made you in my image. You’re perfectly and wonderfully made. I love you with a love that will never end. Welcome home. ……..Inspired by the Holy Spirit.


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Love NEVER fails ♥
– 1 Corinthians 13:8

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