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cropped-emilie1.jpgDo you want to change your life?

If I we’re in a classroom full of adults and I asked this question I’m sure over half the class would raise hands.  As we go through life and it’s many challenges we discover it’s not easy. Without wisdom we won’t grow. Without learning from trials we will never have true abundance that’s available to us. The tools we need to tap into “the good life” is available within each and every one of us.

In my next several blogs I want to share what I’ve learned through trials and hardships that allowed my eyes to be opened.  We all can have the kind of abundance that’s fulfilling. Where we have absolutely no lack. Where blessings flow like waterfalls! Your life can become peaceful and consistent within.  You will wake up and say “is this really my life?”

Doesn’t that sound heavenly? It did to me too. It is possible.  You can find Joy! Joy worth  having because it doesn’t depend on anyone outside of yourself. It is an inner Joy. Like all worthwhile things it takes dedication and alot of mindfulness to transform. (Renew your mind) With God and practice our vision can change and we will see the world with brand new eyes.  I pray for God to give us new eyes and a new perspective.

I’ve come up with five things to help us shift our perspective from one of lack to one of radical abundance. I’ll cover one of those today. The first thing I’ve discovered is TO ALWAYS BE AMAZED. Slow down the pace of life. Notice more things around you.  Breathe in the air. Look at the sky. Listen to the birds singing a new song. Feel the breeze blowing on your face.  Watch the leaves changing from summer to fall.  Embrace the new seasons. Drink in the sight of natural beauty and  linger longer over small moments.  Drink it all in. Don’t lose all those precious moments because of busyness.

We are rich with gifts, right where we are. Look around and appreciate it. Appreciate your life. Your family. Your friends. Create more memories. Time goes by lightening fast. Embrace the sweetness of time.

Imagine how awesome it is that our spirit is embodied here in this world to feel a soft blanket, a loving hand, embrace our soft fur babies, to read a book, to listen to music, to have a relationship with God in heaven while we live on Earth, to laugh, to cry, to love.

As we move forward through this coming week I challenge you to slow the pace down a bit. Notice the people around you. Family and strangers. What do you see? Do you wonder what someone else’s life is like? What they may be going through? Smile at a stranger. Say hello in passing. You may be the only person they speak to all day. When we have abundance let that abundance over flow into other people’s lives. God blesses so we continue to be a blessing to others. Until next time…xoxo

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Love NEVER fails ♥
– 1 Corinthians 13:8

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