“He swept her off her feet”


Psalms 44:18
Her heart has not turned back, nor have her steps departed from your way.

He swept her off her feet. Im sure you’ve all heard that expression. We often use it when a girl gets emotionally overwhelmed by and infatuated with a man. He gains her immediAte and unquestioning support, approval, acceptance, and love. The phrase “swept of her feet” indicates that there is a strong connection between a womans heart and her feet. A wise woman gives the lord jesus first place in her heart. Her feet follow her heart, so she can make cautious, wise, godly decisions about her relationship

. An unwise woman does not have christ at the center of her affections. Im guilty. Ive been very unwise in my past. Other desires like not wanting to be lonely, to gain approval or security, or to just have fun have taken center stage. My relationship with christ was shoved off to the side somewhere. I have followed the inclinations of my heart and when christ isnt the center of my heart, i made wrong moves in my relationship with men. I allowed my ways to wander and i didnt even realize it. I always knew to check out a mans feet, steps, pAth, and ways. Not literally but metaphorically to describe the way human life is lived in relation to god. Our walk has an overriding inclination of our heart. Our walk shows where our loyalties lie. It reveals whether our heart is obedient to god or moving away from god. Our walk is a prevailing pattern of behaviour. Its a key to determine which wAy we are headed.

How do we think? Talk? What do we talk about? All the small daily decisions we make? All our small steps point toward the direction of our heart. If we keep christ in the center, if he has forever swept us off our feet, we make sure our attitude and conduct are pleasing to him. Our eyes are alwAys toward the lord. Our steps are increasingly following his path. We rely on him to make every footstep secure. If we dont use wisdom we allow our own desires, turn aside from the straight and narrow, go after things we have no right to, and mess around with sin. Sin always leads to death.

Ive been in this situation many times in my past. Ive made poor choices. It causes our spirit to die a slow withering death. Even though my steps wandered i considered myself religious and moved in religious circles. Sang, worshipped, prayed for people. On the surface i did alot of things right. But a closer examination showed my heart wasnt into it. I wanted christ as the forefront of my affections but he wasnt. I wasnt living for  jesus with my whole heart. After my last divorce, i had to ask myself, is christ at the center of my heart? Have i asked him to lead me to a place i never shouldve went. Did i ignore the caution signs? The answer is yes! I ignored his direction.

There is nothing or no one as important  as our relationship with jesus! If you meet someone and their heart isnt sold out to him, thats NOT the person for you! Plain and simple. Dont try to sugar coat it or make excuses. A heart for god should be our number one criteria for a spouse. For those who are single or have been in one bad relationship after another, today lets take a moment to re evaluate our hearts. Above all make sure he or she loves jesus and gives him first place in their hearts. Its one thing to be aquainted with jesus, its another to uphold him as lord of your life. Let our relationship with him dictate how we conduct ourselves in other relationships. We all can talk the talk, but it doesnt mean a thing if we dont wAlk the wAlk! Keep christ at the center!! #preachingtomyself


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Love NEVER fails ♥
– 1 Corinthians 13:8

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  1. Sin on essence is a mistrust of God’s goodness. Eve fell for this lie and it’s been perpetuated ever since because we keep falling for it. Satan’s been using the same tactic for thousands of years. Imagine that he never changed it because he knows it works. He uses what we lust after and don’t get as his basis for convincing us that God is holding out on us.

  2. Amen!! Powerful message. Yes, we have to put God first, in the center of our hearts, and He will lead us to the spouse that He has planned for us… for only He knows what lies deep within each heart. Too many of us have made the same mistake, even convincing ourselves that it is God’s will… but it wasn’t. We have to trust Him and follow Him. God bless you!

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