Yesterday i attended someone very dear to the families funeral. My son’s granddaddy. He was a very faithful, kind, and very patient man. He was always their to help his family. Even in the choices of life; he sat back and let them learn from those choices. If you wanted a lesson in patience; he would give it to you. I am the most impatient person i know. If something is broken; i want it fixed NOW! If you made a mistake; fix it STAT! I’m always on the move. But then i find myself in the slowest bank line on a friday at noon! It’s here that i come face to face with the realization that i cannot make my life move faster than it is moving. No matter how urgent our situation may be, things are going to happen when they happen, not a minute sooner. It does not matter how many times you roll your eyes, suck your teeth, huff or puff, you cannot make your life happen any faster than it is happening right now. In a long line, in a small bank, when it seems like people aren’t moving as fast as they could, remember that the process is in motion and that things will get done when they get done.

Patience is a choice. The older i get; the more patient i am becoming! Praise God! It is a conscious choice to be reliant on the unceasing movement of life. Now to teach my kids this lesson. Patience is an ability. It is the mental ability to remember that once the wheels start turning and the movement has begun, the destination will be reached eventually. Patience is a skill. It’s an emotional skill of knowing that what you expect, intend and desire will happen exactly when it needs to happen. It is a challenge to practice patience. For me; it will be a long life lesson.

As i sat listening to the preacher at the funeral yesterday talking about all granddaddies wonderful qualities and how he will always be remembered. Patience being the most outstanding. I began a self reflection. What would people think of me? What would be my legacy? Something to think about.

In the past; we may have experienced bouts of impatience. Just for today, be devoted to mastering the art and science of being patient. Let’s be patient with ourselves, be patient with others, be patient with life. Patience always pays off in the end.

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Love NEVER fails ♥
– 1 Corinthians 13:8

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