Jesus take the wheel~


Have you ever been in a toatally pitch black room where it seems as if there are things everywhere? Even when you know where everything is or where it was the last time you saw it, if the place is pitch black, everything feels different. In a pitch black room you stretch out your arm because you expect to crash into a wall or a piece of furniture. Even in a familiar place, once the lights go out you expect something to jump out and attack you. In other words, in the darkness, you expect to get hurt.

There are times in life, you can expect to be in the darkness, when you will not be able to see what is directly in front of you, or what is over in the corner. In these times, you must rely on your instincts and your memory. You must also realize that you are not in control, God is! When you find yourself in the darkness of an unfamiliar experience, do not fight God for control! That is Good! Let me say it again…..Do not fight God for control. I am so guilty of this. Do not grope, grab or swat off imaginary demons. Rather than shielding yourself from the expectation of pain, SURRENDER. Drop your hands to your side. Take a deep long breath. Concentrate on one thing that you know. Remember that God loves you and will protect you know matter where you are! Remember that what you can’t see, God can see! When you ask God to lead and guide you and protect you, you will miraculously be able to see the way in and or a new way out!

In the past, you may have been frightened by the darkness of your past, the unknown future or where you are in your situation right now. Move with faith through those experiences in which you cannot see what is to come. Talk to yourself. “Let there be light! Let there be light in my heart. Light in my mind. Light in my experiences.” God will light up the blind spots in you mind and in your life and show you the way.

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Love NEVER fails ♥
– 1 Corinthians 13:8

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