I am thinking about life and my past memories and all that God has brought me through. I am so very blessed. When we are going through things we may not be able to see Gods hand at work in the situation. As i look back; i am amazed! Each trial he has brought me through has made me who i am today. No; i am not perfect by no means but he is molding me and shaping me into his image. Sometimes the process is painful but worth it in the end. Im thankful for his mercy and grace!! I am thankful that he is so faithful and never gives up on me. His Love is everlasting. He is my healer; he is my provider; he is my protector!! I praise him for showing up in my life so faithfully. There are still things i don’t understand but i trust him. My prayer has always been to close doors i dont need to go through and open the doors i do; and he always answers! Life has been hard but being resentful and feeling sorry for yourself doesnt do any good. Sometimes we get so focused on being happy but God wants us to understand thats why nothing is working in our lives. It’s impossible to be selfish and happy. When we mess up and have to take a look at ourselves we often wish we could go back and do it all over again. Everyone wants a second chance. And no one realizes that taking a really honest look at changing things isn’t easy. But if you really want to change; God will help you. We cant do anything about the way we got started in life; but we can determine how we will finish. God holds every second in the palm of his hands. His timing is always perfect; and everything that happens to us is intended for our good. Even the disappointments we had as a child holds a treasure if we will ask God to work something good out of them. I dont know if anyone else needed to hear this but this was really on my heart and wanted to share. Keep the faith. God is still in control even if we feel like we are not.

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Love NEVER fails ♥
– 1 Corinthians 13:8

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